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The Best Photo Booth Poses

Why Should You Plan Out Your Photo Booth Poses

Once you step in that photo booth and hit start, you will have about six seconds until you take your picture. Of course, you can always just smile and wait for that flash to go off, but what about the next one? There is typically four pictures total on each photo strip, and you will probably want each picture to be unique and different from the others. If you plan out your poses for each picture, you won’t be left scrambling trying to figure out what to do next. Here are some ideas of poses that people have used in our Lucky Photo Booth!

The Dab

The perfect photo booth pose if you go in alone and you’re feeling a little camera shy.

The Hostage

If you just happen to grab the sword and don’t know what to do with it.

The Chug

Brought your drinks in the photo booth? Chug it!

The Flex

Feel free to show off those huge muscles you’ve been working on!

The Cradle

Simply classic. Cradle that significant other for that picture perfect moment.

The Kiss

Don’t forget to catch the moment with the traditional kissing shot!

The Rings

Put those fists together and show everyone your beautiful rings!

The Rings #2

Just another way to show off your new wedding bands!

The Picture Pose

Got in the photo booth, but forgot props? Take a picture of yourself taking a picture.