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Custom Logos

We design custom logos to be on the top of every photo strip!

Photo Strip Design

You have the option to have your entire photo strip designed with customized colors or patterns! This design will be on every single photo strip that comes out of our printer. This offers a sense of uniqueness to your photo booth rental and event. These photo strips are really fun and extremely unique and you can see the quality in the palm of your hand. Our photo strip designs make any scrapbook stand out!

Custom Logos for Every Photo Booth Rental

Every photo booth rental comes with a free logo at the top of every photo strip. Our logos are not your typical plain type (Comic Sans) logos that you see other companies offer; ours are unique to your event. They are designed specifically for your event to match the aesthetics and color scheme. Do you have a theme for your wedding, party, or corporate event? Lucky Photo Booth will make sure to design a beautiful logo that correlates to that theme which will be displayed at the top of every photo strip handed out.